Museum Pre-Tour Activity

Pre-Tour Activity: 

Using the MOCA exhibition theme “San Diego Collects” and the model MOCA’s Brian Rojas showed us during the class presentation, students will be required to collect images that reflect the juxtaposed viewpoints of what makes the identity of San Diego.  Working in a very limited geographic section of La Jolla, student groups will gather images demonstrating different sides of San Diego (sunshine, beaches, laid back vibe vs. litter, homelessness, people working minimum wage jobs to maintain the beauty of the city) under the direction of Mr. Compagnone and Mr. Pores.

Students should use the images on the following links as a guide for their work:

A Bigger Splash, David Hockney (1967)

No Splash, Ramiro Gomez (2013)

Grades for student groups will be based upon discussion and sharing of images captured.

After returning to UCHS, students will complete a “San Diego Collects” project in Mr. Milhoan’s class, incorporating skills used in the DML (InDesign, Garage Band, etc.) to create a presentation on their group’s interpretation of “San Diego Collects.”


Post your picture or pictures, with an explanation of how your picture shows a “different” side of the sunny beach community.  Write 150-250 words.

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